Institutional Challenges Faced by Persons with Disabilities in Nigeria


  • Akeem O. Ayub Department of Sociology, Federal University Gusau (FUGUS), Zamfara
  • Usman Abubakar Department of Sociology, Federal University Gusau (FUGUS), Zamfara


Abuse, Disability, Education, Exploitation, Family, Impairment, Institution, Victim


Disabilities, as a global issue, expose the victims to various challenges. Reports have shown that over one billion people worldwide have some disability and that at least 190 million people live with substantial disabilities, most of whom live in developing countries. In Nigeria, about 25 million people have one form of disability or the other, accounting for 15% of the population. Undertaking a comprehensive published literature review by the authors to identify journal articles and books dealing with disabilities, it was discovered that many victims of disabilities face institutional challenges. These challenges range from discrimination, exploitation, violence, stigma, inadequate housing, and education to healthcare. It was also observed that disabilities could develop at any time during one’s life, limiting victims’ access to many opportunities in society. This paper envisages family members physically, verbally and emotionally abusing their members with disabilities. This paper observed that the excessive dependence of PWDs on significant others to carry out certain activities have their inheritances and resources abused, and their rights violated. Also, it is observed that PWDs face challenges in schools due to a lack of adequate training for teachers in both conventional and special schools, a lack of provision of assistive devices and materials, and lackadaisical attitudes from peers. Disability poses a significant obstacle for many victims at some time in their life, whether at home or school. In order to enable the victims to learn, play, and engage fairly in a diverse setting, it is recommended that policies that prioritise PWD education be developed and implemented. Individuals should also report PWD rights violations to the appropriate authorities so that prompt action can be taken.




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