SWOT Analysis of Nigerian Roads: A Synopsis on Benin-Auchi Road


  • Paul C. Richard Training Department, Federal Road Safety Corps, Iruepken Unit Command, Esan West, Edo State


SWOT analysis, Confrontation Matrix, Benin-Auchi Road, Transport


Road is an integral part of the supply chain. It contributes immensely to all economic activities. In other words, the strength of a nation’s economy lies in the nature of the road infrastructure put in place to support it. The sectors of the Nigerian economy particularly the transport sector is faced with staggering challenges which are inimical to the nation’s growth and development. Among these challenges are heavy traffic gridlocks and road obstructions occasioned by the deplorable state of the roads. Benin-Auchi Road reflects the true characteristics of a typical Nigerian Road and was used as a case study in this study. This paper aimed at analysing the situation along the Benin-Auchi Road using the SWOT method while further analysis with the Confrontation Matrix was applied to elicit narrowed outcomes sufficient enough for strategic decisions to create a lasting solution as well as provide new ideas for future policy direction. Information gathered from direct observation and secondary sources like journals, newspapers, web pages and relevant official reports served as inputs for the analysis.  One of the results obtained reflected poor commitment (in terms of funding) towards the maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the road which was almost impassable. In view of this, the paper proposed that government should ensure appropriate disbursement of road intervention funds for maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction to meet the needs of the current reality. The funds should be thoroughly monitored to avoid delay in projects delivery and poor-quality works.




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