Assessment of Borehole Infrastructure, Knowledge and Compliance with Drilling Regulations in Southwestern Nigeria


  • David O. Baloye


Borehole, Awareness of Associated Danger, Spatial distribution, Water supply


This study examined perceived effects of indiscriminating sinking of boreholes in Ife Central (Osun State) and Mushin (Lagos State) Local Government Areas (LGAs). The objectives are to characterize existing water sources and boreholes characteristics in the selected settlements as well as examined their knowledge and compliance with borehole drilling regulations. The study used 200 structured questionnaires which were purposively administered on owners and users of boreholes in each of the study LGAs. Results show that although sources of water differ significantly within the two settlements (Ile-Ife =x2(200) =78.52, p< 0.01); Mushin (x2(200) = 361.84, p< 0.01)), most (63%) respondents sourced potable water from borehole. Rating of public pipe borne water stood at a low 12% (Ife Central) and 3% (Mushin) thereby resulting in high percentage 85.5 (Mushin) and 68.5 (Ife Central) lacking access to water from
the water works. With respect to borehole ownership, 62.5% and 30% (Ife Central and Mushin) respectively owned their own private boreholes while a joint value of 36% (Ife Central) and 69% (Mushin) use community/neighbourhood owned boreholes. Most of these
boreholes (94.5% in Mushin and 88% in Ife Central) are located within 500m of each other. In terms of knowledge and compliance to borehole standards, a significant difference (x2(400) = 18.52, p< 0.01) between Ife Central and Mushin LGAs was recorded. Also, a few
respondents (18% in Mushin and 28.5% in Ife Central LGAs) considered any associated risk before sinking their boreholes. The study concluded that while poor performance of state owned waterworks may have prompted the sinking of boreholes in the study areas, the low level of awareness of the people on basic regulations and standards on borehole drilling as well associated risk may have contributed to the indiscriminate sinking of borehole in the areas of study.