Marketing Mix and the Performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria


  • Gabriel T. Kubeyinje
  • Timipre Bariweni


Customers, Demographics, Effective, Efficient, Marketing mix, Relationship


This study empirically examined the relationship between the marketing mix (4Ps) and performance of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria. Descriptive survey design was adopted for this study. The population for this study comprised of all operators of SMEs in Nigeria. This study examined the relationship between the four marketing mix (4Ps); product, price, promotion, place (distribution) and SMEs in Warri metropolis, Delta State, Nigeria. A structured questionnaire was used to elicit information from a sample of 50 respondents selected for the study. Descriptive statistical tools were used to present the demographic characteristics of the respondents, while inferential statistics were used to test the research hypotheses which include analysis of variance (ANOVA) and multiple regression analysis techniques. The study found out that product, price and place (distribution) have insignificant relationship with SMEs in Nigeria. It also found out that promotion has significant relationship with SMES in Nigeria. The study recommends that SMEs should adopt better packaging of their products in other to make it appealing and presentable to their present customers and potential customers, adopt a flexible and realistic pricing mechanism in other to boost customers’ patronage, engage in promotional activities such as trade fair, show exhibition amongst others and lastly adopt an effective and efficient channels of distribution in Nigeria.