Income Diversification and Wellbeing among Staff of Kaduna State University

  • U. U. MOHAMMED Department of Economics, Kaduna State University, Kaduna


Income diversification plays a very significant role on the socio-economic wellbeing of any individual or group of individuals especially at their microeconomic level. The issue of inadequate feeding, improper education for children, insufficient fund for rent, and lack of improved health care for family are regarded as barriers bedeviling the survival and well-being of any society. Studies on income diversification and wellbeing have been conducted under different perspectives to include occupational diversification, livelihood strategies, determinants of diversification among rural inhabitants etc. This paper examined the relationship between income diversification and wellbeing among the staff of Kaduna State University. The survey method was employed through administration of 180 questionnaires and statistically analyzed 108 returned responses with the use of frequency tables as well as regression model. The study revealed that consultancy service, trading, handcrafting and transportation service were considered as additional sources of income by the staff of Kaduna State University. The regression results indicated that consultancy service and trading have significant relationship with the staff wellbeing in the study area. The study recommended that, the management of Kaduna state university should encourage their staff about the importance of income diversification through organizing entrepreneurship workshops and vocational training that would make their socio-economic well- being highly attainable.

Oct 27, 2018
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